10 Things That Can Make A Child’s Growing Journey Special

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Growing up has its own phases which all of us have experienced and is now being experienced by our kids. Sometimes it is lovely, sad, confusing, anxious etc.

Parents play the most important role in the growing journey of their child. It is very important that they are taken care of especially during early years for a brighter future. 

Children learn from their parents and tend to replicate us in lot of spheres. They remember parts of childhood when they are older and precisely this is the reason that they should be surrounded with lots of positivity and love.

We have made a list of 10 things which you can do to make your child’s growing journey special.

1. Write Them Regular Emails/Letters

You can write an email every day, or on one fixed day of the month for your kid which can consist of any life lesson, an experience, a joke or a beautiful memory which you wish to share with your kid.

Next, you can choose to mail them on the spot after writing or accumulate them in an account and give them the credentials on a fixed day when they grow up to be mature.

Alternatively, if you are old school, you can choose to write a letter instead of an email and follow the same suit.

2. Send Them Notes in Their Lunchbox

One of the best ways to make your child feel special and loved when you are not around is to write them small notes of love and keep it in their lunch box so they can read them every day.

There are a lot of things which happen in school due to which a child loses their confidence, so small lunchbox notes will work magic when they need someone the most.

These notes can be small love messages, an inspirational quote or something you want your child to know to become a better human.

3. Create A Special Video Message For Their Each Birthday

We are often caught up between the debate of good and evil of technology and its effects on our child. A coin has two sides and in the same way, technology has its own good uses as well.

You can precisely choose to use the modern technology to create a special video message on their birthday and email it to them or play it after cutting the cake.

You can add collages, special messages from near and dears ones and a special memory which was shared between you and your child. This will not only make them happy but they’ll preserve it and re-live the memories as well.

4. Have At Least One Meal Of The Day Together

Spending quality time with your child is something which should be necessary and not to be skipped for a better up-bringing.

Parents play a very important role in the primitive years of a child’s growth and this should not be neglected. It is influential to create a bond within the family where one can peacefully sit and talk about how their day went, the future plans and solving problems if any.

The best time to do this would be while having meals together as a family at least once a day. 

5. Take Interest In Their School Activities

Peer pressure is a real thing and often due to our work commitments and other responsibilities, we cannot take interest in our children’s school activities and this can affect them to a great extent.

Taking an interest in your child’s school activities will ensure that you are always with them and genuinely care for them. They will also have someone to look up to in case they are facing any kind of difficulties such as ragging, or low confidence and self-esteem in their schooling.

Letting them know you are there for them will also strengthen the bond. Besides, if a child’s best cheer leader are their own parents, isn’t it beautiful?

6. Plan On Regular Vacations Together

Travelling always opens up new horizons and teaches us a lot of new and different things each time. Recreation is important for a healthy mind, body and soul and this, when experienced with your child is a splendid thing to pursue.

This will also help the child look onto you as a friend and strengthen the child-parent relationship. It is necessary that the child and parent both should know when to have the child-parent bond and when to bond up like a friend. Introducing new things to them and observing their nature will help you switch the role of a parent and a friend like a pro.

7. Have A Special Parent-Child Move

I love you 3000…Remember this? This was the special parent-kid move that Iron Man shared with his daughter which made her feel on the top of the world! Why not have a special parent child move which is unique only for both of you and which you can show it off to the world with swag!

It will be a feeling which would be special and shared only between the two of you which is the most beautiful part. So, what move would you have?

8. Keep A Regular Check On Them

Staying in touch with your child is an integral part of parenting. But, it is very different from keeping a check on them. It is disciplinary for you and your child to know what is good, what is bad and knowing the limits of everything.

Keeping a regular check on their activities will also make sure that your child is on the right path and would always choose the good things over bad.

This is not caging them but a way to set them free when they grow up. Also, it will be an affirmation of love for your child when they will need you the most.

9. Surprise Them With Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? And surprises are something which can cheer anyone up. There are a lot of instances where we cannot give time to our child or maybe we have hurt them unknowingly.

Surprising them with gifts is a good way to bring a smile on their little faces. It can also be a reward to something you had asked them to do. There are plethora of ways in which you can make your child happy and this method never fails to work.

10. Teach Them To Be A Good Human

In a world full of Thanos and his mighty army, teach your kid to be the best version of Avengers. Being a good human being is good not only for yourself but for the society as well.

You can introduce them with the lives of great people like Mother Teresa, Lincoln, Mark Twain and others as role models and show them what being good has to offer.

This will inspire them to cultivate healthy and good habits in due course of time. Teach them that fulfilling others expectations is not their job but not hurting anyone is definitely their job. =

Life is too short to hate anyone!

Your Turn

Remember to border your child with values and let the child fill in their own colors. Their growing journey if filled with positivity and love can work wonders for themselves and the world.

These were some of the best ideas we could think of. If you have done something different kindly share it in the comments so all of us can learn from it as well.

Parenting is an extraordinary journey and so is a child’s growing up journey. Make it worthwhile! 

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