10 Creative Paper Toy Crafts For Kids And Toddlers

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Kids love toys and any number of toys is never enough for them. While you can opt for soft toys or games available in the market on their favourite theme, there is something unique which you may be missing out- Paper Toys.

They are easy to make and require minimum materials which are easily available in the market. Besides, they form an unique addition to your kid’s toy collection and some of them can be made by your kids as well. 

P.S – They can be colorful and vibrant depending upon the colors you choose. 

Here are some of the most creative paper toys which you can try out either by following the video provided in the links below or a printable which can be printed and you can just cut and fold the toys to their shape. 

1. A Cute Little Moving Rat

To make this toy, you will have to follow the simple steps mentioned in the video pin. You can also use different color papers and make a rat family. 

2. Paper MacBook Pro

As parents, we know how difficult it is to keep our children away from our laptops even when we are not working. How about getting them their very own laptop in less than a dollar? You just need to print this MacBook Pro paper printable and fold it to assemble the laptop.

3. Clothespin Puppets

One great way to narrate stories to children is using puppets. If you are thinking about the difficulty in making them, here is a free printable which you can print.

They are super easy to make and all you need is some woollen yarn, clothes pin and this simple printable.

4. Penguin Paper Bomb

You can make this cute little yet adorable penguin paper bomb and surprise your kids with the same. It comes with a tutorial which you will have to follow carefully. It does require efforts but the end result is sure to cheer your children up.

5. Rainbow Paper Spinner Toy

Anything that is colorful always succeeds to grab a child’s attention. To keep them occupied, you can make this vibrant rainbow color spinner toy. With less materials required and easy steps to follow, you can also take your child’s help in this one.

6. Kids Watch

You can make a perfect watch for your toddler within minutes. You can also make a paper dial and attach it on the watch instead of a cartoon character. To make it more interesting you could use a textured paper as well.

7. Paper Platypus

This easy 3D paper toy printable by Disney Family will take you just 15 minutes to assemble it. It is colorful, cute and can stand on its own legs. You can surely add it to your child’s animal toy collection.

8. Micro Paper City

If you are looking for a bigger project for spring or summer holidays, then this is the perfect craft project for you and your children. It is super interesting and can be used in school projects as well. An entire city with community buildings and vehicles is super planned paper toy indeed!

9. Origami Magic Circle Firework

A magic circle toy that rotates by itself without the help of any glue or tape is interesting right? All you need is a good color combination of papers and access the video here for instructions.

10. Pokemon Fidget Paper Toy

Last but not least, this toy is easy and interesting as you can have multiple Pokémon toys which can be changed with the help of this trick and will result into a fidget toy. It also comes with a set of free printables which you can use for the toy.

Your Turn

Hope you liked this list of easy paper toys which you can try with your children and bring a bright smile to their faces. Let us know in the comments which one are you going to try out first. ❤

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