13 Wonderful Movies To Watch With Kids

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Now is a trying time for every member of the society.

With us all having to stay indoors and life outside of our homes coming to a standstill, we are now facing something never experienced before.

This situation is difficult as it is but having to face this situation with children running rampant in the house is a whole different situation.

This article is specifically for the parents stuck at home with their kids who are slowly running out of ideas to keep them entertained.

The movies listed here will provide you with all the help you need. 😉

1. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

We all remember the breathtaking awe we felt when we first glimpsed Hogwarts through Harry’s eyes, don’t we?

I’m sure we all promised ourselves that we would make sure our kids obsess over Harry Potter in the same manner that we did.

So, take this opportunity to introduce your kids to the realm of platform 9 and ¾, spells, Quidditch and all things magical!

2. My Neighbour Totoro 

One of the Studio Ghibli masterpieces, this movie has in it the beautiful landscapes of rural Japan with the cheerful girls Satsuki and Mei.

It is through their adventures in the woods that we come to meet the sweet Totoro, his friend and the mysterious Cat Bus!

It is a beautifully refreshing movie where we are provided with magical happenings that your kids are sure to love.

3. Star Wars

Cue the dramatic music. It is a known fact that we all become kids the moment we hear the opening music to this global classic.

So, don’t waste any time to introduce your kids to the world of Jedis and light sabers! Every kid enjoys watching the journey of a hero and this is exactly that.

So, get the popcorn and start watching. May the force be with you! 

4. Sound of Music 

This movie had us gripped from the very moment Julie Andrews entered singing the beautiful ‘The hills are alive’.

Growing up we all loved the Von Trapps and their exciting picnics replete with beautiful songs. Watch as your kids too fall in love with this classic just like we did as kids.

Just a warning: Your house will probably be filled with children singing ‘Do Re Mi’, ‘So Long, Farewell’ etc. for a couple of days after seeing it. 😀

5. Finding Nemo

The enchanting story of the adventure of a father in search for his son with an eclectic friend Dory is one that is loved by children and adults all across the world.

When Marlin’s son Nemo is taken away by men on a boat, we see him travel all across the sea encountering sharks, jellyfishes, turtles, whales and even birds to find him.

This story is replete with all kinds of adventure up to the very last minute. 

6. Mrs. Doubtfire 

Robin Williams is a favourite amongst all generations – kids and adults alike and this movie is one of his very best.

In this movie, we see the hilarious story of a father who uses the disguise of a nanny to spend more time with his children after his marriage falls apart.

The movie is filled with hilarious scenes while also with emotional scenes which is what makes it such a brilliant movie to watch.

7. The Jungle Book

When it comes to adventure movies, this one is a must for your child.

The story of Mowgli who enjoys his life in the forest alongside his best friends Baloo and Bagheera is one that is known to everyone. And who can forget the evil Shere Khan?

Remember the awe you felt when you first saw that movie? Your kid is bound to feel the same when they see it. Go ahead, play it for them!

8. Alice in Wonderland

Every child deserves to take a dip into Lewis Caroll’s world of white rabbits, tea parties, talking flowers and cheshire cats.

So, what are you waiting for? Take them into the world of Alice as she drops into a rabbit hole and into the world of absurdities. If you don’t, how else will they know that nothing is impossible in this world?

 9. The Parent Trap 

This is the story of a pair of twins – Annie and Hallie who did not know about each other’s existence until one chance meeting at a summer camp. Then begins their attempt to reunite their parents who had separated years ago by switching places.

Needless to say, the movie is absolutely hilarious in every way possible, turn it on for your children and watch as they enjoy it endlessly. 

10. E.T. 

To put it simply: it’s the story of a boy who met an alien.

One of Steven Spielburg’s masterpieces, E.T., introduces us to a world of adventures when Elliott meets an alien who then prove to be fast friends.

Watch the magic unfold as fingers light up, they go Halloween trick or treating and bike past the moon. This movie will have your children absolutely riveted! 

11. Free Willy

One of the most important things that we need to teach the younger generation is that humans need to coexist with the other creatures we share this earth with.

Free Willy is a movie that deals with exactly that as we follow the adventures of Jesse as he befriends a killer whale kept in captivity in a theme park.

This is an extremely relevant movie that goes on to teach the children a very important lesson.

12. Toy Story

There’s just something about Disney movies, isn’t there? Toy Story here is one of the classics in the Disney library.

In this movie, we meet Andy whose toys are the real heroes of the movie. We follow the adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear as they butt heads.

However, by the end we find they have learnt to coexist. It is a fantastic movie that serves to teach us all beautiful lessons.

13. Mary Poppins

We were all enamoured the moment we saw Mary Poppins make her way down into the Banks household with her umbrella, weren’t we?

So, use this time to introduce your kids to the same. The magic of Mary Poppins as rooms clean themselves, they hop into paintings and have the best time ever is one that is absolutely enchanting!

Moreover, the movie is filled to the brim with beautiful lessons that will definitely stay with your kids for a long time. One thing that we can assure you is that your children will have a great time watching this movie. See for yourselves. 


We are all searching for ways to distract ourselves in these current times and movies are one way in which we can achieve exactly that.

We understand that kids can be an added pressure in such a situation. So, grab some popcorn, play the movies for them and relax while they learn something new and beautiful.

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