10 Best Meditation And Mindfulness Apps For Kids

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From the moment we step into this world, we’re in a mad rush to excel at a race. Such a world can be extremely overwhelming for children.

Especially in times like these when we’re all stuck at home. These are uncertain times and we’re all at a loss about what comes next.

In such a situation, the best one can do is try to keep calm. While this understanding may come to us adults slightly easily, things are a little different for kids.

Children need some help from us all to keep their anxiety at bay, stay calm and process their emotions sensibly.

Keeping that in mind, here are some amazing meditation and mindfulness apps that will help you guide your kids to become calm and composed.

1. MyLife Meditation

This app is replete with various kinds of fun activities which are specifically designed to help children focus, be quiet, process their emotions and sleep peacefully.

One fun thing that this app offers is stickers which will be awarded to your kids when they complete a ‘mission’.

The end result will be the lesson of being mindful, calm and being able to check in on their own self.

You can download this app for Android & IOS devices.

2. Calm

This app has quite the hype surrounding it and rightfully so. If meditation is what you want your child to learn, then this is the app you’re looking for.

Meditation is known to have endless positive effects on people and children are no exception to this rule. This app comes with various levels for beginners, intermediates and advanced users.

There are various guided meditation sessions ranging from 3 minute long sessions to 25 minute long sessions. You can opt for whichever suits your child best.

Meditation has the capacity of growing on anyone who attempts it so while your child may be adamant about it in the beginning, it will grow on them soon.

You can download this app for Android and IOS devices.

3. Three Good Things: A Happiness Journal

It is necessary for each child to understand and appreciate the good things one is faced with. If they’re taught at a young age to do that, this is bound to become a habit that will stay with them through their life.

This app focuses on exactly that by allowing children to retrospect on their day and make a list of three things that went well.

This begins to train their minds to look for positive and happy things to feel gratitude towards. If you are looking to teach your child some perspective and mindfulness, this is the app to go for.

You can download this app for IOS devices.

4. Smiling Mind

This is an app created by a nonprofit organization who were looking to come up with ideas to improve mental health in Australia.

This app therefore comes with hundreds of activities catering to mindfulness. It has sensory exercises which include listening to music, meditation etc.

There are programs for kids panning all age groups. If you’re looking for various creative ways in which you can stimulate your child and teach them some important qualities such as mindfulness and positive-thinking, then this is the app you need to use.

You can download this app for Android and IOS devices.

5. Breathing Bubbles

This is an app that allows children to deal with all their negative emotions with ease. It helps them release their worries and focus on developing their good feelings.

It helps the kids process their emotions and select what they’re feeling and just how strongly they are feeling it.

They are guided by a friendly character named Manny the Manatee who helps them deal with their emotions by walking them through activities such as visualizations and breathing exercises.

You can download this app for Android devices.

6. Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame

This app is great if you want to introduce your children to the concept of staying calm through simply breathing.

They are guided in this process by an animated monster who is seen to be frustrated. The children are asked to calm the monster down by helping it take long and deep breaths.

Since it is so interactive, your children do the very same as well. Once the monster is calm, it goes on to think of a solution.

This therefore teaches the children the concept of ‘breathe, think and do’. The end result is one that helps them achieve self control, perspective and peace. 

You can download this app for Android and IOS devices.

7. Sleep Meditations For Kids

Oftentimes, children can have trouble relaxing. Especially now, when their daily activities are at an all time low, relaxation becomes a bit of a problem.

This is where this app comes into the picture. Created by Christiane Kerr (Montessori teacher as well as yoga instructor), this application is designed to help children relax.

It is replete with meditation stories which helps children relax and ease their anxiety. Anytime your child is having trouble relaxing themselves, this is the app you need to use.

You can download this app for IOS devices.

8. Headspace

Headspace is an app that has been around for some time. It is in fact, one of the very first meditation apps that were on the app stores.

While it was originally made specifically for adults, it has since then broadened itself to include in it activities for children as well.

It has various meditation activities and mindfulness activities to help the children develop themselves in a positive manner.

It has five themes that they cater to which are as follows: Focus, Kindness, Sleep, Calm and Wake Up. Each of these five themes have separate activities allocated to them for different age groups.

It comes with reminders to help the users stay on their path to mindfulness as well as buddy systems so they can pair up and encourage each other.

You can download this app for Android and IOS devices.

9. Thrive Global

With Amazon Echo comes a skill set known as ‘Thrive Global’. This app can be used by every parent when they need some additional help to calm their kids.

What this does is, it provides your children with meditation when they are feeling restless. On certain days, when they can’t seem to be able to quieten down, they can just say “Alexa, open Thrive’ for their restlessness to be driven away with the help of some activity.

In fact, it also comes with the option to ‘power down’ which allows all the screens to be out of the room. 

You can download this app for IOS devices.

10. Mindfulness For Children

This app is developed by a Danish psychologist which provides its users with audio-only features. It comes with breathing exercises for your kids to help them learn to relax when they’re feeling anxious.

It also provides its users with a body scan to help them calm down alongside soothing nature sounds to help them sleep with ease.

Overall, this app will help your kids be more mindful and learn to positively assess situations with ease.

You can download this app for Android and IOS devices.

Your Turn

In times like these, we could all do with some help in any way possible. So, we hope that this list of meditation and mindfulness apps help you to take care of your children in a calming way.

Every child needs some help to manage their anxiety and deal with daily issues, and these apps will hopefully help you achieve exactly that.

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