15 Kids Craft Room Inspiration And Ideas

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Being creative requires it’s very own unique space. It can be a room or a corner, but a dedicated space helps to streamline the ideas and manifest them into reality.

When it comes to kids, if they are unique enough to love crafts, then giving them their own space is always a good idea. 

If your child is a budding artist or if arts and crafts is something your child loves, then why not decorate a craft room as a surprise for them?

Even if you aren’t planning a separate space for the same reason, you’d still want to read this post as it has some of the best, easy and inspirational ideas which you can look up to for your child’s very own creative corner. ❤

1. Have A Craft Table With Supplies

This idea from Crazy Little Projects is a super space saver and yet a dedicated craft table which can also store various supplies.

If you have an existing table, then you can customize the shelves as per your needs. The positive point is that it can accommodate more people and allows you to store a lot of your craft supplies.

2. Have A Foldable Table Or An Open One With Storage

If you want to accommodate a multi-purpose table for crafts and other needs of your house, this can be your pick.

This can also be a fold-able table if you are running out of space. A dedicated unit can be used to store the crayons, pencils and other things.

You can use kid friendly clear plastic bottles which will add the right amount of pop to the corner. Thanks to Style And Dwell for this idea.

3. Reuse The Glass Jars As Storage For Craft Supplies

If you have unused glass jars at your place and thinking about what to do with them, then you can easily label and turn them as containers to store the craft supplies in bulk.

To give it a fancy look, you can also paint them with your child’s favorite colors or decorate them with ribbons or stickers. Shoutout to Stephanie Lynn for this creative idea.

4. Turn A Bookshelf into Craft Organization Area

Another way to re-vamp a craft storage area if you want to save up some space is to utilize Anna’s idea of turning an old bookshelf or a tiny bookshelf into a place where you can keep all of your crafty needs at one place.

You can also choose to color it or cover it with a wallpaper to make it look fancy.

5. Add A Craft Table And A Chair

If dining table or multi-purpose table does not seem to be an ideal option, you can get a small table and a chair at the corner of the room where kids can sit and continue doing their craft work.

You can also have the table with a chalkboard so that they can even draw out on the table itself.

6. IKEA Magazine File Holders To Store Craft Papers

One cheap yet awesome idea to store the craft papers is to keep them in the magazine or file holders from IKEA.

It will prevent the folding of the papers and they would be clearly visible which makes it easy to decide on the child’s pick.

7. Recycle Plastic Bottles To Store Pencils

A great way to store the color pens, drawing pencils and ball pens in a quirky way is to store them in empty juice or plastic water bottles which are lying around.

Just cut them in the shape as shown in the picture and cover the sharp edges with a color tape or a ribbon. You can label the bottles and store the pens and arrange them in the drawer to avoid clutter on the table.

8. Storage Bin To Store Paint Brushes

You can place tiny cute buckets inside storage bins to store your paint brushes. This would be extremely easy for kids to pick the right brush faster.

Plus, it looks super cute when organized. You can also add extra elements to decorate the bucket.

9. Arrange Them On A Peg Board

Peg boards are clutter-free and a beautiful piece of work when added in any household. You can attach jars, buckets, baskets and other storage items to them and use it as a craft station.

Additionally, it is a space saver and low cost craft storage element which is easy to customize as per your needs.

10. Store The Decorations In Small Storage Trays

You will often find it difficult to find glitter and small decorations in the box full of craft supplies.

Sort out the clutter and store them in separate trays as shown in the picture. Not only it would be easier to spot them, but you can also color-coordinate them and add some pop to your craft space.

11. Display Your Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are something we have to be careful of. If not stored properly, it tends to lose its sticking properties and is also difficult to find in terms of need.

Therefore, you can choose to store them in multiple ways. You can store them in baskets, hang them on rods or bangle stand or store them in empty leftover paper boxes. Thanks to Kalyn Brooke for this idea.

12. String To Display Your Kids Art

The best way to display your child’s created work would be to put up a string where you can easily clip their creations.

Keep the color of the wall white or pastel so that the art can pop out easily. You can also choose a corner of your house just for the art work.

13. Shelf It

If you are someone who loves being organized, then shelf is probably your best friend. Just look at the picture above. Wouldn’t you like to organize your craft items this way?

You can paste nice quirky wallpaper at the back of the shelf. You can use numbered crates as shown in picture, buckets, jars, baskets and other means to store the supplies.

To make it more interesting, you can also add fairy lights or install lights inside the shelves for the crafty glow.

14. A Color Co-ordinated Storage

Having co-ordinated colors is a very aesthetically pleasing stuff around the house, and what better place to apply this other than a space where you store your supplies?

One great way to organize them is to sort them out by colors. You can also put up a to-do list board or a vision board which your child can use to set goals apart from crafts.

15. Small Craft Movable Storage

It’s a rare sight to see a kid stick to one place for a long duration of time. This has a perfect solution which is to store the craft supplies in a movable cart storage.

It’s easy to take to any corner of your room. Label the drawers to organize it better and you will get them at the IKEA Stores as well.

Your Turn

The more clutter free your storage is, the easier for you to clean it and keep it appealing. You can also get creative with your own ideas for your craft room and share them with us in the comments.

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