How To Stay Sane As A Parent With Kids At Home All The Time

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Kids are a bundle of positive energy, which is why we as adults require too much of energy and effort to keep up with them. 

The problem here is that our bodies are so tuned to stay in a fast paced and challenging environment that we have forgotten how to stay at peace at our own home with our own people.

However, it is not rocket science, we just have to do our homework and there we are. Instead of bombarding our days with depressing stories every day, we can choose to be positive and take up this opportunity to spend quality time with our family. 

But, easier said than done, right? This time period of staying at home for a long period is frustrating for kids as they love to be active and occupied throughout the day. They are not entitled to work from home like us.

So, we understand it must be tough to keep up with taking care of the house, your kids and working at the same time. There are times when we reach super close to losing our sanity. 

Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks which will help you stay sane as a parent with kids at home all the time.

1. Set A Schedule

Adulting has taught us how important schedules are to keep our lives organized and balanced.

Noting down your tasks and goals on paper helps you take the required action and avoid distractions. It is also important to start completing achievable tasks first as they keep you motivated throughout the day.

It’s best to divide your personal and professional life and work out from important tasks to the not-so-important ones. This will ensure that you have completed all the tasks without leaving out anything in between.

To spice things up a bit, you can use colorful paper, add stickers or anything fun so that the paper is interesting to look at.

Along with setting a schedule for yourself, make sure that the kids go to bed on the same time and their dining habits are not disturbed due to what is happening around the world.

This will make sure that the lockdown is not affecting your kid’s body clock.

2. Stay Fit And Meditate

Staying at home all day along with kids can be draining emotionally, mentally and physically.

Exercising is so much important to strengthen your body and keep it flexible. It also gives in the energy needed to carry out your tasks defined for the day.

Indulge into yoga, home workouts or 10 minutes simple exercises and you will start feeling the difference. Meditation post workout will calm your mind and will help you make effective decisions. 

Here’s a pro tip – Include your child in your exercise routines. This way, they will realize the importance of staying fit since a young age, it will keep them healthy and it would be a fresh start of the day for them as well. Plus, it is quality time spent with your kid. 

3. Keep Your Kids Occupied While You’re Working

As they say, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. It’s very important for your kids to stay occupied mainly for 3 reasons.

First, it is a good distraction from the negative and depressing atmosphere in the world right now. Second, it is an opportunity for them to develop their skills or learn something new. And last but not the least, it will allow you to work in peace. 

Keeping them occupied in this digital age is not a heavy task. You can sign them up for online courses via Skillshare, indulge them in crafts and DIY, or cook and do the cleaning with them so that your work is distributed and done. 

Here’s another pro tip – If your children don’t like cleaning, you can set rewards for them upon completing the task. Works every time!

4. Watch Less News

It is great to keep up with what’s happening in the world right now. But, with regards to the current situation when the news is all about deaths, unemployment and uncertainty, it can definitely take a toll on your mental and emotional health.

In addition, explaining the on ground scenario to your kid can be a different task altogether.

Therefore, you should control the news intake so that you can also focus on the positive side of the current situation.

5. Indulge Yourself In Self-Care

As a parent, you get tied up with so many responsibilities at home, that you seldom take care of your own self.

This is where most of the people forget a very important fact – your mind and body needs enough rest and plenty of “me time” to function properly. Without that, even doing simple things will get quite difficult for you. 

The best way to fix this is to include a thing in your routine that you enjoy doing the most.

Maybe spend 10-20 minutes extra in the kitchen to spoil yourself with your favorite meal or decorate your bathtub and enjoy a bath with some good music and wine. Even better, have a dinner date with your partner.

The key here is to indulge in one activity everyday which will make you feel happy and good about yourself. Self love should be top priority.

6. Develop A New Skill

Remember that exciting skill that you always wanted to learn, but couldn’t due to lack of time? Well, I bet right now you have a lot of time in hand.

Skillshare is a great place to start looking for your desired skills and learn them with the help of easy step-by-step classes. The great thing is, you can get your first 2 months free of cost.

This way, you are not shelling out any money and are developing the skill which you always wanted to learn.

Besides, you will also justify it as you have abundant time in hand to observe, learn and develop. 

7. DIY Home Decor

Who said home décor is supposed to be expensive? It is quite simple when you have the right frame of what needs to be done.

However, during this lockdown, it may be a bit difficult to get the materials, so we can follow the principle of “Less is more”.

Start with a cozy corner, your balcony or your favorite part of the house. You can also choose wall art or painting. 

Refurbishing old wooden tables is also not a bad idea. Turning a corner into a cozy one will require a few plants, lots of cushions and some quirky colors. Check out the video above for a perfect headstart.

8. Start A Daily Journal/Start Coloring

You must have noticed that every successful person or influencer maintain and talk about their ‘journals’. The question which may come across is “why?”

Because, it makes a huge difference in our lives. The famous series ‘The Secret’ also speaks about having a ‘Gratitude Journal’ and trust us, if you follow it, your life will change for good.

Being thankful for what you have and writing it down makes us feel fuller and more appreciative towards our life. 

Additionally, coloring as an activity is also very relaxing. We used to love it as kids, didn’t we?  To keep that kid alive in our hearts, we can start with it again.

You will be curious and excited as to which color to use next, what texture to apply, thereby exercising the creative part of your brain. So, it’s fun with some brain activity. 


Take it easy parents. This is a pandemic and no one was ready for it. No one here has an experience on how to deal with the situation. Enjoy the process. You can stay sane if you choose to look at the sunshine instead of the hurricane.

It’s normal to feel a bit exhausted with kids at home all the time. However, imparting them with the right values, letting them know that you are always there for them and spending quality time with them will make sure things go as smooth as butter.

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