How To Make Puppy Face Craft With Disposable Plate

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Dogs are adorable and kids know that very well. Not only kids, but we adults also love dogs and little puppies. If you and your kids are dog lovers (like all of us), then this craft is for you.

Try this cute little puppy face craft which is easy and fun to make. We also have a printable template for you to make the process easier.

How To Make Puppy Face Craft With Disposable Plate: Step By Step

Materials Required

  • Craft stick or any stick
  • Sketch pens
  • Disposable plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue/double tape
  • Color paper
  • Our printable template (Download it below)

Step 1

Print out our template. If you decide to color in this craft, I recommend you to color the parts before you cut them.

You can also do this without our template. Just draw all the shapes with free hand.

Step 2

Cut out the printed pieces.  Trace everything except eyes and nose on brown construction paper (you can also take black construction paper).

Step 3

Cut out the eyes and nose from the printed template. Color the doggy eyes and nose with a black sketch.

Step 4

Assemble all the cut out pieces including the paper plate and craft sticks.

Step 5

Turn the paper plate or disposable plate up side down and stick ears of the dog at  two corners of the plate.

You can use either glue or double tape.

Step 6

Before you stick eyes on the paper plate, stick a dog spot on one of the eyes and then stick the eye on it. Also, stick the nose and spots of the dog.

Step 7

Draw mouth and tongue of the dog with marker or sketches. Draw mouth with black and tongue with pink. Stick a craft stick at the corner of the plate.

Your Turn

All done and ready to play with! I hope you enjoyed creating this craft and that it will be super fun to play with.

Sharing is caring!

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