How To Make Paper Photo Frame With Free Printable Template

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Paper is available to everybody, so I couldn’t think of an easier way to make a photo frame other than with paper.

You can make this paper photo frame with minimal materials, and I made things easier for you by providing a free printable template that covers 50% of the work.

You can decorate your room or kids room with this vibrant paper photo frame, and you can use any kind of paper to make it. No matter if it’s scrapbook paper, origami paper or color paper, the end result will be satisfactory.

So, let’s jump right in.

How To Make Paper Photo Frame With Free Printable Template: Step By Step

Materials Required

  • Our free printable template (download it below)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Color paper

Step 1

Download and print our free photo frame template on a paper of your choice. I have used a white sheet of paper to print the template and then stuck it on a color paper. Be creative and use any kind of paper like origami paper or scrapbook paper to make it look more unique.

Step 2

Cut out the corner lines of the printed template.

Step 3

The lines on the template should be folded to get a sharp edge. You can use a ruler to fold the lines of the paper and then unfold all the folded edges.

Step 4

Fold by pressing downwards. No matter what paper you use, the result will look perfect.

Step 5

Apply some glue on the end of the folded paper. The glue should be placed on the opposite side of the frame.

Now, fold all the edges of the paper. Make sure you do it slowly with patience so that it looks clean.

Step 6

Repeat the folding process for all the edges of the paper.

Your Turn

Now it’s time to place your favorite photo inside the paper frame. I hope you enjoyed this craft tutorial. Let me know in the comments how yours turned out.

Sharing is caring!

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