How To Make Cute Miniature Houses With Disposable Cups

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Kids love listening to stories all the time, so how about creating a cute little craft and also narrating a story to them. Create these cute miniature houses and add some toys to it and narrate them a story. Isn’t this so exciting?

So, lets get started!

How To Make Cute Miniature Houses With Disposable Cups: Step By Step

Materials Required

  • Paper cups/disposable cups 
  • Color papers (any bright color papers)
  • Color sketches
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Double tape

Step 1

Cut a colored paper in a circular shape. Use something that is in circular shape like a plate or a storage box cap as I did.

Make sure to use bright color papers to make the house look more playful and adorable.

Step 2

 Cut along the radius.

Step 3

Roll like a cone. Adjust it well until you get a perfect cone shape. Keep it together with a double tape or a glue.

Step 4

Grab a paper cup/disposable cup and draw small door and windows with sketches. Be creative, use your imagination and draw it in your way.

Step 5

Now draw borders to the door and windows. Use darker shades like black or brown. Drawing proper borders will always give a complete look.

Step 6

Add some grass or plants around the house. This will make the house look more realistic.

Step 7

Also add some pretty little flowers around the house.

Step 8

Using a glue, stick the roof (cone shaped paper) on top of the house.

Step 9

Do plenty of these cute miniature houses and add some of your kids toys too.

Your Turn

I helped my cousin create this miniature house craft. He was totally occupied by this and he also narrated me a story that he had four houses and a car. Pretty cute!

Sharing is caring!

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