How To Make Butterfly Photo Frame Craft With Ice Cream Sticks

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We always throw away the sticks after we’re done eating the ice cream, but there’s always a better way to do things, so for this craft we’ll reuse the ice cream sticks in a unique way to make a gorgeous butterfly photo frame.

This activity is going to be super fun to make and kids can definitely do it easily. Let’s get started with this craft!

Materials Required

  • Ice cream sticks or craft sticks
  • Color papers
  • Sketch pens
  • Glue stick

Step 1

Start out by making your frame first. Paint 3 ice cream sticks with your favorite color.

Step 2

Glue your ice cream sticks on the edges. Stick them in a triangular shape.

Step 3

Fold the color paper into half and draw one wing of butterfly. You can use any kind of paper to make wings of the butterfly. Just remember to enjoy the process of making it.

Also, cut a piece of paper into a small circular shape which will be used as the head of the butterfly. Don’t forget to color the inside part of butterfly with different shapes and designs to  make it more interesting and fun.

Step 4

Stick the wings of the butterfly on two corners of the triangle and head at the top, in-between the wings.

Step 5

Stick your favorite photo on the triangle frame, and you’re done.

Your Turn

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a butterfly photo frame. Time to hang it in your room. ❤

Sharing is caring!

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