How To Make A Handprint Tree Art Easily

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This is a great personalized tree art that every child will love to do. My little cousin created this handprinted tree because he loves to do project that includes painting.

This is so simple that kids can do it all by themselves without much of help. They can use their creativity to make it more interesting. Just know what your kid likes to work with. It may be glitters, color papers, sketches, crayons etc.

So, lets get started and learn how to make this adorable handprint tree art easily.

How To Make Handprint Tree Art: Step By Step

Materials Required

  • Poster colors (green, brown and red)
  • Brush
  • Pen or any sketch
  • Paper (which can be any color)

Step 1

Use a sketch, pen or pencil to draw the shape of your kid’s hand on a paper.

Step 2

Paint the hand brown. Brown here is trunk of the tree. If your child is in preschool, they would love to paint this on a printed hand. I used poster colors here because they’re bold, bright and opaque.

These kind of paints will always make your kids excited to use them. One of the best things about poster colors is that they’re washable. The stain of the paint can be easily removed (if your child spills it on their clothes or anywhere).

If you do not have poster colors available, then you can use sketches or crayons.

Step 3

This is the most fun and easy part of the painting. My cousin is around six years old and he totally loved doing this bit.

Paint dots all around the printed hand. You can use pen, pencil, stick, ear bud or anything that is available to you. Paint with different kinds of greens. To make it more interesting, he used red colors too, so you can do that too.

That being said, it’s not necessary to use only my mentioned colors. You can get a little more creative and funky if you like.

Step 4

And you are done! It was fun to see my cousin do this on his own with little guidance. Guide your children with this easy and fun handprint tree art and see how it turns out.

Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed today’s art activity. Let me know in the comments if your art piece turned out better than mine. 😛

Sharing is caring!

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