12 Free Virtual Field Trips For Kids Of All Ages

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In the current situation, when staying at home is becoming the new normal, we are still figuring out how to go about with our day-to-day activities. The main victims of boredom in this situation are the kids. 

Along with that, even parents might have to brainstorm about how to keep them entertained while staying at home. But, we are missing out something. That this pandemic has taught us the possibilities to be creative in ways we cannot imagine existed before.

So, how about engaging kids into something cool, fun and something from which they can learn from? 

We know that you cannot take them anywhere physically but, virtually it can be possible. Also, it would be something fresh and new for your kids. So, keep calm and read along.

The best and free virtual field trips for kids of all ages which you can go on while staying at home include the following.

1. Smithsonian Museum

Smithsonian Museum is the National Museum of Natural History and it offers free virtual tours along with insights of the Museum. It has also undertaken some interesting research projects in the recent past the details of which can be obtained on its official website.

It has also started conducting live webinars to discuss various like ‘Fossil Fridays’ and ‘Family Story Telling Saturday Sessions’. This is one of the best ways to learn more about the earth’s climate, the natural habitat, archaeology and equip your child with some out of the box knowledge.

2. National Geographic

National Geographic is one of the best places for online easy-to-learn curated content. The tutorials are also convenient enough to implement.

The best part about National Geographic is that it brings out raw, fresh and timely informative content across the public through their virtual classrooms. These days, due to the lockdown, it has increased its live streaming content on various topics daily at 2:00 PM ET.

Each day, there is a different topic so learning is always interesting here. You also have the option to ask questions and interact with the speakers.

3. Discover Ancient Greece With Virtual Field Trip On YouTube

Yes, there is a channel on YouTube under the name of ‘Virtual Field Trips’ which takes you on different field trips and has great quality videos. The content is lucrative, crisp and to-the-point.

One such theme which has gained the limelight is the Ancient Greece tour. With a lot of positive reviews a lot of students have found it easier to learn about the Greek history and culture through these videos.

Besides, Greek culture was one of the intellectual culture which everyone should be aware of. This is the best time to get your head in the vast Greek universe.

4. Discovery Education Field Trips

The kind of learning which you get here on this website is just like bringing a virtual classroom right at your home. From animals, to science, history, geography or career guidance, it houses almost everything under the roof.

Also, it has curated content for all ages, so you don’t have to worry about searching for something separately or exclusively.

It also provides an option for you to download various puzzles and games for free which you can give your child to solve while you’re at work. This will help them gain hands-on experience which is an important part of the learning experience.

5. San Diego Zoo For A Virtual Zoo Tour

Zoo is the complete family packed fun place which is enjoyed by the young and the old alike. San Diego Zoo offers some of the best zoo virtual tours which will allow you to watch and learn about your favorite animal.

It has a lot of different animal cameras you can choose from. It has the option to watch pre-recorded footages and the zoo also conducts live camera sessions which can show you the real time movements and scenes of the animals in the zoo.

Apart from videos, it has also curated interesting stories, games, and activities specially for kids which you can use to indulge them.

6. Great Wall Of China Virtual Tour

Every kid might have a dream to visit the Seven Wonders of the World. Now, you can take a virtual walk on the Great Wall of China, all thanks to The China Guide for offering a free virtual tour of the structure.

The Great Wall boasts a history dating back to almost 2000 years and is the biggest structure built on earth which can be seen from space as well. It is a collection of walls built in defense from the invaders.

You will be amazed to know that its size is half the size of the equator measuring up to 5,500 miles spanning across 15 regions in North China. 

7. Monterey Bay Aquarium

One of the earth’s biggest marvels is the deep oceans which have never ceased to amaze people on this planet.

Along with fishes, penguins and open sea cameras, you can also view the Monterey Bay camera and take a look at what’s happening in the waters of the Bay area.

It also has a special Moon Jelly Fish camera which offers the view of the beautiful and breathtaking creatures and the super cute Sea Otters camera as well.

Apart from the live cameras, it also has spate sections for information on Habitats, a guide on various animals in alphabetical order, animal stories and wallpapers. Get on this virtual trip now!

8. Yellowstone National Park

The famous volcanic hot spot, alpine rivers and the lush forests of the Yellowstone National Park are now open to virtual travelers.

The park is famous for its hydrothermal sources namely hot springs, geysers, mud pools and fumaroles.

The website has started providing interactive maps through which you can wander and locate anything you wish to in the park from the comfort of your home. But, the best part about the virtual tour which will literally psyche out the kids is to witness the Old Faithful Geyser live stream which captures its timely eruptions.

9. The White House Tour

One of the most speculated and respected Federal buildings in the world is the White House. Everybody is curious to know what is inside the White House.

The site first laid by the First President of America, George Washington is more than just the official residence of the President of America. It has now become a symbol of power, a place where history is made by each President.

This is the best opportunity to grab a free virtual tour of the White House. Take a tour of the Executive building, Indoor and the Outdoors of the House, the Art and Cultural and see some of the most precious collections of the building.

10. The Birthplace Of Music

Kids love music. To enhance their taste and to give them more knowledge about it, give them this virtual trip which will take them through the history of the music world.

It will give them a deeper understanding, the birth and the new additions done to their favorite genre of music.

It covers the genres if Rock ‘N’ Roll, Jazz, Country and Classical and the cities where they were born like New Orleans, Vienna, Austria, Ohio etc.

It is something different and it would definitely be great hands on experience for your child who can also flaunt this knowledge. The teachings are also simple and easy to understanding.

11. A Mars Trip From Your Home

Yes, you read that right. Gain the access to observe Mars your way with this free virtual trip to mars by Google.

The 4th planet from the sun, sending a satellite on Mars is one of the successful missions carried out by man. It has the same landmass as Earth and is home to the largest mountain and dust storms in the solar system.

Recorded by the NASA’s Curiosity Rover, it will let you observe the surface of Mars by giving you a 360 degree view of the surface. You can also have a virtual walk in the direction you desire.

12. Taj Mahal Tour

One of the most beautiful structures to exist on this planet, one of the Seven Wonders, a symbol of love and faith is the Taj Mahal.

Made from white marble and built by Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaaz, it still remains standing tall provide awe-struck views to its visitors.

History says that the monument was erected to match the beauty of the queen and is laid with precious stones.

Take a virtual tour of the Taj Mahal and access 22 different areas of the monument.

Your Turn

So, this was the list of some of the best free virtual field trips you can gift your kids while staying at home. Let us know in the comments which one do you plan to go on first.

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