15 Free Scavenger Hunt Printables For Kids

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Scavenger Hunts are super fun. For those who are unaware, it is a series of tasks or listed number of things which your kids have to find and go on ticking them off the list as and when they complete the task or find the thing listed on the paper. 

It is a fun and an unique way to teach new things to your kids and a great way to keep them occupied when you have something important to do.

You can either make them by yourself or take the help of free printables available on the internet.  Some of the best free ones are mentioned below.

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you have a backyard, then the kids can carry out this one in your backyard itself. To make it much more fun, you can take them to a park or hike and they can hunt the above listed items.

2. Stay At Home Scavenger Hunt

While staying at home is becoming the new fashion, this would be one of the ways to keep your kids entertained. This can be one of the fun activities you can carry out indoors. Thanks to Cori for this printable.

3. Shape Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking forward to teach shapes to your toddlers, this is the best activity to do so after they start recognizing them.

Ask them to color each shape when they find an item that corresponds to the given shapes.

4. Zoo Scavenger Hunt

If you are planning to take your kids to the zoo, don’t forget to add this printable to their bag and give them a treat once they complete it.

5. Impromptu Scavenger Hunt

This activity can be carried out in the classroom, house or maybe while taking a walk around the market. The possibilities are endless.

6. Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Kids love to go outdoors especially if you have a backyard. You can grab this frivolous printable and also choose to add two other options at the bottom and carry out the scavenger hunt in your backyard itself.

7. Emotions Scavenger Hunt

If your kids have started learning emotions, you can use this printable to enhance their learning experience. Go to any public space and ask them to identify the emotions listed in the image above. It is a different way to enhance their visual scanning skills as well.

8. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Exploring your own neighborhood and knowing your surroundings is very important for every kid so that they can identify their own house and way to it. One of the easiest ways can be done with the help of this scavenger hunt.

9. Favorite Things Scavenger Hunt

This hunt is perfect for someone who is getting to know their likes and dislikes. They can go on a scavenger hunt to find the things they like and tell others about it in a quirky way.

While this is a paid version available on Etsy, you can make your own and give it to the kids.

10. Hiking Scavenger Hunt

Hiking is super fun and you can make it an even more interesting task with the help of this printable. These are some of the most commonly found items while hiking so don’t worry about it’s completion.

11. Beach Scavenger Hunt

A chilled out sunny day on the beach is something everyone desires. If you are looking forward to relax and want to keep your kids occupied, take this printable along and set them on a quest to find the same.

12. Airplane Scavenger Hunt

One unique place to carry out a scavenger hunt is while traveling in the airplane. Make the journey count with this adorable and time consuming scavenger hunt for kids.

13. Color Scavenger Hunt

This is not a printable but it shows you what exactly you have to do to make this scavenger hunt. Ask you child to find a corresponding item of the same color and then place it on the sheet of paper.

You can also introduce new colors that they are yet to learn and thus acquaint them with more colors. Thanks to Rachel for this idea.

14. Natural Textures Scavenger Hunt

Learning textures is a nice way to learn how to feel things.

This learning can be made simple with the help of a specially curated textures scavenger hunt where in you can list out different textures on a piece of paper, for example smooth, rough, hard, soft, poky and fuzzy among other ones, and ask the kids to find the things that have those textures.

15. Kitchen Scavenger Hunt

To make them familiar with the items used and available in the kitchen you can also curate a scavenger hunt activity where you can draw the items you want them to find, list them or maybe put up a few riddles which will leave them thinking before they find the item.

Your Turn

So, these were some of the fun and best Scavenger Hunt ideas that you can carry out with your kids. It is not necessary that you have to use the ones listed above, they can be used an inspiration as well.

You can be as creative as you want to be and curate as many scavenger hunts you want. 

It is a fun and an easy way to get the kids out of the house or inside (depending on the hunt designed) through which they can get some brain exercise as well.

You can also partner up with your kids to find the items together for a fun little team-work.

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