30 Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

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Printable coloring pages are fun and easy to access. The best part about them is that you can just print them whenever you want and they are ready to color.

Unlike some coloring books which are restricted to certain characters in the book capacity, printables offer variety in the form of plethora of different pages found online. 

Materials Required

To get started, let’s quickly skim through the materials you will need along with the printables.

  1. A printer to print the pages. You can also get it printed from outside in case you don’t have a printer at home
  2. Color Markers or
  3. Crayons or
  4. Color Pencils

Now, let’s jump into the list of 30 free printable coloring pages for kids.

1. Pikachu

Pika Pik…Pikachu! We know you are humming that tune in your head already. One of the favorite characters from Pokemon, every kid would love the paint Pikachu in their own imagination.

2. Disney Frozen

Emma and Elsa are two powerful characters from Disney which have received admiration from young and old alike. This coloring page beautifully depicts the bond between the two sisters and one can enhance its beauty by coloring it. Let it gooooo…..

3. Boy With Lamb

Are you teaching your kids the famous rhyme Baba Black Sheep, Have you any Wool? How about presenting your child with this printable after they learn as a reward?

Also, it would be a great way to remember the scene from the rhyme.

4. Country Life

A lot of kids are fascinated are curious enough to know about the country life after they get acquainted with it through stories, movies or video clips.

This coloring page is also a typical depiction of the same with sunflowers, farms, lush green trees and a typical country house.

5. Little Kitten

Meet Topsy, who is a pretty little kitten and is waiting for you just to fill it in with colors and pet her. A lot of kids admire animals and kittens are as cute and pretty with big fat eyes as shown in this coloring page.

And besides, isn’t she super adorable?

6. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a source of inspiration due to a lot of reasons. They wake up along with the sun and change their direction along with it with smile.

Do you know what happens on gloomy days when sun fails to show up as usual? They turn towards each other to provide warmth and care. Maybe it’s time to teach our kids this with the help of this coloring page.

7. Young Giraffe

Baby animals are so cute that you cannot stop looking at them with awe. Look at this tall yet young little giraffe waiting to make a friend.

This coloring page can also be used to teach the alphabet ‘G’ or to teach them the names of the animal kingdom.

8. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is the best friend of Mickey Mouse and children love their Clubhouse. The famous Disneyland star and one of the most loved cartoons from the Cartoon Network is here for your use. Let your kid color this page with love.

9. Winnie The Pooh

Does this character need any introduction? Nope, just show this picture to your kids and watch them yell “Winnie the Pooh!”

Here you go with one of the best philosophical characters for kids available for you to color it. 

10. Strawberry

This is an easy-peasy coloring page printable for strawberry which is perfect for toddlers. You can let them color it after showing them what a real strawberry looks like.

11. Unicorn

Bow down before the National Animal of Scotland. Didn’t know it? Yes, people do believe that dreams can be looked up to. Unicorn is a powerful fantasy creature which is not only beautiful but has always stood up to what is right.

Have fun with this coloring page.

12. Cute Little Elephant

A cute little baby elephant is just what a kid needs on a boring day to set up their mood. This one seems to be in love and wishes to spread all of his love around along with some twinkle filled with positivity. .

13. Mrs Potts

Who remembers this helpful and kind character from Beauty and the Beast? She was the one who along with her cute little son always lifted Belle’s spirits high whenever she felt low. Lots to learn from Mrs Potts.

14. The Simpsons

The Simpsons have never failed to amuse us with their brilliant teachings and have always tickled our funny bones with their intelligent humor. One of the best animated shows till date, it’s time to introduce them to the kids with the help of this coloring page.

15. Tom And Jerry

Tom and Jerry! The classic cat and mouse, who have made our childhood awesome. They are still following their routine and are doing the same for our kids. We are sure that this printable would be one of their favorites.

16. Army Plant

Being awesome and quirky is just what the world needs right now just like this shoot which is soon to blossom into a plant.

If you remember, this is the army plant which is all set to save the world from zombies.

17. Sonic

Coloring is fun when kids get to color the famous characters and one of them is Sonic the Hedgehog. You can set a time limit for the kids to complete this one as fast as possible just like Sonic would do.

18. Bugatti Car

Cars…boys love them and this classy picture is enough to bring a smile on your little one’s face. This is an open ended coloring page so your child will have the liberty to be as creative as possible with it.

19. Groot

Name a single person who is not fond of Groot? Don’t you see how loving he is? Also, he was the one who made us believe that being great has nothing to do with the size of a person. *Spoiler Alert* He sacrificed himself to save his friends.

20. Different Shapes

Here is something fun to try other than just coloring. Ask the kids to match the shapes before coloring them. You can also take this to next level and ask them to name each one as they are matching them.

21. Earth Day

A great way to spread a message is to create one. This is also a fun and a unique way to teach your kids the importance of planting trees. This coloring page can be used for school projects or assignments as well.

22. Mermaid

We have all heard the stories and legends of mermaids. They are utterly beautiful creatures or a fantasy which are found deep into the sea just like sea princesses. If found they can lead you to a treasure or can choose to destroy you. Have fun with this coloring page.

23. Mr. Bean

His name is Mr. Bean who never fails to entertain us with his teddy bear and cheer us up. He is funny, unique, caring, weird and intelligent who at the end of the day makes his own way in getting what he wants.

24. Parts Of Face

An interesting way to color and learn something is using the printable above. You can teach the kids the names of the parts of the face, ask them to paste it on their locations and finally color them to form a face.

25. Robot

This one is for the tech-savvy kid who loves anything and everything about science. Robots are now becoming a part of humans in their day to day activity and this one can be your child’s friend too! Time to color this up.

26. Truck

Can your kids identify the vehicle in the image above? If yes, print it and color it. If not, tell them what it is, print it and color it. This coloring page is going to be fun anyway.

27. Spiderman

Kids (and everybody) are super afraid of spiders but love Spiderman. If your kid is one of them who is fond of him, this is the perfect coloring page for them.

28. Cake With Balloons And Candle

If anyone’s birthday is around, this is a great printable which can also be used as an activity for the birthday boy/girl. It has a lovely piece of cake with frivolous balloons which depicts the party feels.

29. Fish

Hello Mr.Fish, how are you doing? Fishes are happy creatures which we are fond of when we see them in the aquarium or while sailing or spot them in the sea while swimming. It’s time to color it now.

30. Super Mario

Last but not the least we have the famous Mario who is the hero of the land and has to rescue his Princess from the Dragon. Color it as soon as possible so he can go and fulfill his adventure.

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Your Turn

Coloring is a therapeutic activity for a lot of people and we just tried to help you get some pages to get started. Do let us know in the comments which coloring pages you picked up.

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