10 Amazing And Free Math Printables For Kids

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Math is tough and a lot of children and adults hate it. One needs a lot of time to acquire taste for this subject. While loving it seems to be far-fetched, it can be made easy for your children if you introduce math to them at the right time and in a fun way.

Speaking of fun, one thing that kids love are printables. Yes, we shall use some easy and free math printables to teach kids various mathematical activities which seems to be boring when studied from a textbook.

Here are 10 amazing and free math printables for kids.

1. Addition

Learning addition is easy with this cute little toy train with dices as their coaches. This method is easy for children to start counting and adding the numbers as they get to count the dots present in each dice.

Once they are thorough with counting, you can gradually shift them to adding up the numbers directly. Get this printable.

2. Roll It, Write It, Draw It

Another great way to utilize the dice you have at home is introducing numbers, representing them on the paper with graph, tally them and record it.

As given in this printable, if the dice rolls the number 5, you draw the dice with 5 dots, write the numeric 5, tally it as shown in the picture and finally fill the boxes with 5 dots. Get set rolling!

3. Counting Tally Marks

One of the easiest ways to count is by using tally marks. They are fun, easy and have less chances of errors when learnt how to tally right. In this printable, you can count the tally marks and write the number which corresponds to it in the blank given on the left.

4. Apple Ten Frames

Counting apples has never been so easy. This exercise is fun and will not take up too much of time. It can also be used as a test before the counting examination in school or classes.

All you need to do is print this sheet and either color the boxes, or make dots, or tick the number of boxes which corresponds to the number written inside the apple. For eg- if the number is 3, draw 3 dots in the boxes provided below the apple.

5. Less And More

Another concept which is important in math and essential in our day to day activities – the concept of less and more. One easy way to introduce the same to your kids is by using this printable.

Once they learn the concept, you can also experiment with chocolates, balls, toys etc. and ask them to follow the suit with physical objects.

6. Easter Egg Counting

Learning the numbers sequence is tough for toddlers. I remember fumbling my way after reaching 15 as well.

This printable will come handy where you can teach the number series to your kids and post that, they can complete the sequence up to 20 on their own. You can offer to treat them on correct completion of the same.

7. Multiplication Chart

One of the most difficult things to learn in math are the multiplication tables. This sheet will help you teach them multiplication in a easy way.

You can also print multiple copies of the same and ask them to finish them before going to bed. This will make them practice the tables everyday and learn them in an easy way.

8. A Delicious Pie

Who knew complicated math would be just a piece of pie! This apple pie printable will help your kids count like a pro. All you have to do is calculate the corresponding numbers on the apple and the pie and paint them in the same color.

Don’t forget to use different colors for different pies to easily differentiate and make the sheet colorful.

9. Kindergarten Math Comparing Numbers

Mr. Croc is here to help teach your kids the concept of less than, greater than and equal too with this printable. After introducing them to these concepts, you can ask your kids to place Mr. Croc in appropriate circles given in the sheet of paper.

Once they are well versed with this, you can give them similar practice in their notebooks.

10. Add And Shade

Color, count and swim around with Fishyy the Math Fish! Wondering about which colors to use on Fishyy? It’s very simple, just add up the numbers and the final result would be the section of color they need to use on the fish. For eg- 6+6= 12. Therefore, you will color no 12 in red. Get this printable.

Your Turn

So, these were some of the amazing and simple math printables which you can use to build up the concepts children learn in school.

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