15 Free Educational Activity Printables for Kids

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When it comes to studies, some children love doing it while most of them frown away from their homework. But, what if we say that you can turn the boring homework into fun?

Well, the answer to this question lies in printables. They are a unique way to enhance the learning experience of your child. All you need to do is just print them and teach the way around it. You can use these printables which we have listed below especially for the purpose of educational activities.

1. Rainbow Colors

The rainbow is the one of the most colorful and fascinating things on this planet. However, remembering the order and names of the colors can be a bit tricky.

This worksheet is perfect which has the number of the colors along with their names mentioned here. You can ask your child to pull out corresponding crayons and color the rainbow after memorizing the names in order.

2. Trace The Pattern

Patterns are wonderful and learning them is fun all thanks to this easy printable which teaches you the patterns by tracing them. We often find such tracing sheets in school. You can print a similar one for a practice at home and also introduce the creatures which have made these patterns.

3. Number Matching Pumpkin

Learning numbers is easy when you have a fun activity to help learn them. Teach your kids counting and numbers with the help of this colorful pumpkin printable. They can count the objects and then match them to the corresponding numbers.

4. Nature Walk

Introducing new things to your kids can be made interactive with the help of this nature walk printable. Take your child to a hike, a green space, camping or to the park and ask him/her to spot the things listed in this printable. It is an easy way to learn as well as observe more things in the nature.

5. Shapes

A shape printable comes handy while teaching your child different shapes for school or pre-school days. Once they get familiar with them you can also show them similar objects that correspond to the shapes. If your child is creative, you can ask them to color the shapes once they are done tracing them.

6. Vehicles

These are few of the many vehicles that your child may spot on the street. But, we can start teaching them different types of vehicles with the basic ones. Also, it is important for them to identify a police car from the ordinary car and a bus and a truck.

7. Shoelace tying

One of the best printables so far and you will definitely thank us for this one. Tying shoe laces is a tough task not only for kids but for some adults as well.

You can try teaching them physically and ask them to remember the pattern and steps. Later, you can take a test by asking them to draw the pattern and explaining the steps with the help of this sheet. Get this printable.

8. Label A Skeleton

A scientific printable which talks about bones is a simple way in which your kids will remember the most important bones of the body. After learning, you can cut the names and paste it in the box spaces provided in the sheet.

9. Unicorn Number Counting

This cute little unicorn is waiting for you to cover up all the numbers in the sheet. This printable comes along with the rainbow cut outs which you can use to cover and paste the numbers with. At the end of the activity, you will find a nice colorful sheet and a smile on your kids’ face.

10. 2nd Grade Spelling Words

Learning new words along with their spellings is easy now when you have these worksheets available easily. These are some of the easy 2nd grade spelling words which are commonly used in our day-to-day lives.

Even if you child knows how to speak them, it’s time they learn the meaning of it along with their spellings.

11. Animal Spellings

Animals are cute and this sheet also contains their images which will help your kids identify them. Use this worksheet for a fun way to learn the spellings of your kids favorite animals and the ones which can be spotted easily.

12. Color By Letter

This printable is to keep your child occupied with the wonderful and lovely colors of the nature which also gives you the direction to color them by letters. This one focuses on farms and the final image would indeed by like one!

13. Sports Items Matching

This one is for the sporty kid out there. Recognizing equipment of different sports can be done with the help of this chart. Simply introduce the tools to them post which they can match the pairs on their own. Get this printable.

14. Spring Word Search

Word searches are interesting and this is a spring easy word search which will help you know more about new words, and also engage in a fun activity to pass some time. All your child has to do is simply look out for the words given in the box below in the scrambled words given above.

15. All Things Yellow

Last but not the least, reward your child with a coloring printable. This one focuses on all things yellow! It is a short cut method to ask them to color, identify and name things that are yellow in color.

Your Turn

Printables are also an easy way to keep your child occupied in a smart way where they are learning too. Hope you like the list above and try them out with your kids. We are open to suggestions in the comment box below.

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