15 Cute And Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages For Kids

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One of the most speculated animals on earth are the dinosaurs. After the release of Jurassic World series, it has become the favorite of almost every kid under the roof.

If your kid often lets his/her imagination run wild, and is a lover of dinosaurs, here are some free printable dinosaur coloring pages which your kids can start coloring at home.

Materials Required

To get started, let’s quickly skim through the materials you will need along with the printables.

  1. A printer to print the pages. You can also get it printed from outside in case you don’t have a printer at home
  2. Color Markers or
  3. Crayons or
  4. Color Pencils

Now, let’s jump into the list of best free printable dinosaur coloring pages for kids.

1. Smiling Dinosaur

Just look at how cutely this dinosaur is sitting and smiling. Let the imagination run wild by coloring it as quirky as possible.

2. Dinosaur Family

This can be a group activity with your kid just like the way the dinosaur is playing with their mama. Also, coloring with your kid is a great way to rewind.

3. Dinosaur Babies

In this coloring page, the baby dinosaurs are just hatching from their eggs, a process which we all have seen in the Jurassic World Series. Go ahead, weave out your own story.

4. Flying Dinosaur

Dinosaurs who can fly have always been a fascination by the young and old alike. We cannot help staring and awing at this super cute dinosaur who is about to take his/ her first flight.

5. Dinosaur With Alphabet “D”

If you are teaching your kids the alphabets of the English language, you can introduce them along with the steps to learn how to write ‘D’ below the coloring page.

6. Dinosaur With Big Eyes

Big space to color means a perfect picture of an adorable dinosaur who have not reached the detailing stage yet. Besides, how can one not have these cute eyes as a part of your colored pages?

7. Simple T-Rex Dinosaur

This T-Rex Dinosaur might just be the easiest one to color for your kids. If your kids are just starting out in coloring pages, then this is the perfect start.

8. Cute Dinosaur With Tooth Necklace

It’s very hard to avoid this mesmerizing dinosaur with a tooth necklace. This one is great for the girl kids out there who love a little fancy decorations.

9. Scary But Cute Dinosaur

If scary was an emotion to be depicted by a baby dinosaur, then this is it. It is a great way to introduce emotions to your kid as well.

10. Dinosaur With Trees And Clouds

Say hello to a cheerful sunny day! We all love those beachy sunny days where you can just relax and chill just like this dinosaur.

11. Fierce T-Rex Dinosaur

The dinosaur coloring pages list is incomplete without our favorite and the angry T-REX. Go ahead and color this big guy.

12. Dinosaur With Leaves

If your kid has an eye for detailing and can take up a bit complex pictures, this is the perfect take for them. It is a depiction of a dinosaur enjoying it’s healthy meal of the day.

13. Cute Dinosaur Staring At Food

If your kids are big foodies (which we guess they probably are), then this coloring page of a cute dinosaur staring at food will be fun to do.

14. Dot To Dot Baby Dinosaur

Take the coloring game to the next level by joining the dots first and then coloring this rock star. This baby dinosaur will surely melt the little ones’ hearts.

15. Happy Dinosaur

A happy, “just reached teenage” dinosaur is exactly what your growing child needs to see. Get this adorable printable and fill it in with fun colors.

Your Turn

That’s it, parents. We hope the little ones enjoy these free printable dinosaur coloring pages. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite. Happy coloring!

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