15 Creative Skillshare Classes For Kids

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It is essential for kids to tap into the endless possibilities of the creative as well as the logical sides of their brains, right from when they’re little so that they can use it their whole lives.

It is therefore necessary for them to be introduced to various classes so as to stimulate them and increase their interests.

These creative Skillshare classes can cater to both the logical sides of the brain and the creative as well.

Before we jump into the list, I’d like to let you know that Skillshare is currently running an unbeatable offer where you can get 2 months premium membership for free.

Which means, you get 100% free access to over 18,000+ classes on so many different categories. This will not only help your kids but also you as a parent, because it’s necessary to keep ourselves occupied as well.

And yes, the below mentioned classes will become free when you sign up today. No strings attached. You can cancel your membership right before the 2 months trial period is over, if in case you’re not satisfied.

With that being said, let’s hop into the list. ❤

1. Watercolor For Kids

Painting is a vital skill that every kid should be introduced to. It is something that is joyful, fun and can be developed in the years to come.

Who knows? Maybe your kid is the next Picasso in the making. So, introduce them to this class and you’ll find the endless possibilities of their creative mind being translated onto paper with ease.

2. The Magic Of Math In Movie Making

The magic of movies is something that is very precious to kids so to enter them into classes that actively dissects how this magic is created is a wonderful idea.

This course will nudge both the creative side of your child as well as the analytical side since the making of a movie requires both the artist and the engineer.

If you’re looking for an endlessly stimulating class for your kids, this is the one we would recommend.

3. Science Fair

Science is perennially a subject of vast interest and if you’re on the lookout for a way to get your kids interested in all that science has to offer, this creative class is definitely something you should look into.

Your kids will be taught to come up with ideas, design them, present them and even look into the statistics required in it. 

4. Cooking From Scratch

Cooking is always a necessary skill for everybody. It is something that everyone needs to indulge in at some point in their lives.

So, if you want your kids to be equipped with some very handy recipes, this class is a fantastic way to go about it.

You can spend some quality time with your kids as they learn a new recipe each week.

5. Computer Skills

The world that we live in is very digital currently. For us to truly make a mark, it is truly important for us to get with the times.

This is why it is important for one to be equipped with their computer skills. If you expose your children to computer skills from a very young age, they’ll be absolutely confident with it in the years to come.

Get on this class today!

6. Teaching Kids About Data

Data is a very essential part of our lives. However, one does not know to what extent and how data truly influences our lives.

If you want your kids to lead a life aware of data and the endless possibilities that stem from it, this class is the way to go about it.

The future is digital and with this course, your kids will learn exactly how that is so!

7. Wild Mushroom Painting

As mentioned before, every child needs a nudge to explore the creative sides of their brain. With the colorful world of painting, they can explore this side with brilliance.

Within the course of these classes, your child will be taught to draw beautiful mushrooms by mixing colors, learning how to play with them and basically understand the magic of painting.

8. Teaching Yoga To Kids

Yoga is something that is specifically designed to benefit your mind and soul endlessly. It is a discipline that reaps multifarious results for those who practice it.

If you want your children to practice the same and thereby get the benefits of it, this is a class you need to enroll into.

It entails in it ways to practice yoga while having fun using props and fun games to keep the kids’ attention.

Teaching your kids mindfulness and body awareness from a young age is definitely a good idea and this class will help you achieve exactly that.

9. Quilling

Quilling is an artistic technique that is truly a lot of fun in every sense of the word. Quilling requires us to create art by rolling paper.

In this class, the children will be taught fun and interesting ways to roll paper to create absolute masterpieces.

They can create various objects as well as 3D pieces. This class will ensure that your kids have a gala time while acquiring a new and extremely interesting skill.

10. Ukulele Class

It is always fun to have a skill that you can genuinely love and being able to play an instrument is that kind of a skill.

Once you know the basics of how a ukulele is played, there is a whole world of music that you can create with it easily.

Music is truly one of the most important things in everyone’s lives. If you want your child’s life to be enriched by music in this manner, this class is a must.

Your kids will be taught the chords, how to read the tab, strumming patterns, songs and so much more. Go ahead and give this class a try! 

11. Craft With Kids

Crafts are things that interest us all despite our age. Remember those days when it would start raining and we’d go outside to float paper boats?

That was probably when the initial obsession with art and craft started for us. However, the magic of crafts is something that can truly uplift anybody’s spirits.

If you want your kids to actively learn to create something beautiful out of scratch, this is the class we recommend for you.

Your children will be taught to create a boat using cardboard paper, construction paper, paint and tape.

12. Code Your First Website

It is essential to recognize that the future is a highly digital one. Technology is something that will be all set to rule the whole world. In a world such as this, teaching your kids code is definitely something that will pay off.

HTML and CSS are two of the most commonly used computer languages and for a kid to have that in their skill set is definitely going to be extremely helpful.

Within the course of this class, they will be taught to code their first websites using the languages taught to them.

13. How To Draw Faces

If your child is interested in art, they will have to get into the details of it in some time. This is something that can be done by enrolling them into this class.

Learning to draw faces is some of the preliminary steps one has to perfect to truly be immersed in art.

This course will help your child learn how to perfectly copy the art and then proceed to create faces on their own.

If your child is truly interested in art, this course is definitely something you should sign them up for.

14. Entrepreneurship For Kids 

If your kids are filled to the brim with various ideas, then this is the course we suggest for them.

This course will help your kids redirect their ideas in a way that helps the seed of the idea grow into a beautiful blooming business.

Over the span of this course, your child will be taught the pros and cons of business, how they can start it and how they can render it successful.

The course will tap into the business potentials of your child and introduce them to a world where they can make all their dreams come true!

15. Acrylic Painting

Painting is undoubtedly one of the best ways in which a child can learn to express themselves creatively. This class is practically a guide to achieve just that.

Over the course of this class, your child will be taught how to use acrylic colors to paint a fun masterpiece. The art project will be one that first tackles the background and then proceeds to create the beautiful foreground.

This class is one that is sure to help your child build artistic confidence with ease.

Your Turn

Childhood is the time when we learn to explore both the creative and logical sides of our brains so we can truly benefit from it when we grow up. Be it art or computer skills, it is truly necessary for us to expose our children to such activities so that they can learn and enjoy themselves.

The above mentioned creative Skillshare classes will help your kids achieve that while still having fun. The best part? It’s free for 2 full months.

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