How To Celebrate Kids Birthday At Home: 12 Quirky Ideas

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The entire world is going through a lockdown together and as adults, most of us are frustrated already. It is tough to keep up with this situation, isn’t it?

Well, think about the same from a child’s perspective. Currently, they are dealing with something that most children hate – Staying Indoors. 😐

To get it straight, we as parents and adults are making numerous efforts to stay at peace with the current situation, so how can we expect a child to tighten up their sleeves and start acting as if nothing is happening?

Especially, when their birthday is round the corner. Every kid dreams of a fun and exciting birthday as that is one thing he/she is looking forward to the entire year.

For this reason, if you’re stuck up or wondering how to deal with it, then we’ve got your back here.

After all, as they say – Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions.

In this article, you’ll get 12 different ideas on how to celebrate kids birthday at home. Grab a pen and paper please.

1. Virtual Birthday Party

A lot of companies host virtual birthday parties where kids can enjoy singalongs, storytime, magician shows, superheroes, fantasy beings, fun games, dancing and much more.

Two of the best ones are:

  1. CAMP (FREE)
  2. Sky Zone (FREE)

The great thing about these virtual birthday parties is that you as parents can participate as well and invite other kids and friends too. Just fill out a simple form and get ready to join the party on the given time and date.

If you’d like, you can even customize the theme of the party as per your liking and make it really special for your child. For that, you’d have to reach out to them beforehand and set things up.

2. Self-Care Sessions With Your Kids

One positive thing coming out of this global lockdown is that it has made us realize how loved and safe we feel with our near and dear ones. However, it has it’s stressful & chaotic side as well.

In order to tackle this, timely self-care sessions are what we need to unwind and feel at ease. But, a lot of us realized this much later in life.

A birthday curated special self-care session with your kid is a great way to introduce this concept to them at an early age. You can do yoga, dance along to their favorite tunes, take a walk in the garden, relax in the tub with good music and a drink, exfoliate and moisturize their/your skin etc.

Be as creative as you want and have a relaxing day with your kid. 😉

3. Get The Restaurant Home

Yes, you read that right. A few days back, a video was being shared a lot on social media about a couple who treated their kids to a restaurant at home.

Video credit: LadBible

We could not stop admiring the cute kids and their creative parents.

Turns out, you can do the same.

Start by deciding the roles with your partner. Who will greet them, serve them and cook for them. Decorate your dining area just like a restaurant with fancy plates, cutlery, napkins and a candle. Make a customized menu which includes their favorite dishes they can choose from.

And last but not the least, don’t forget to capture those genuine smiles.

4. Dress Up

Dress the house up, dress yourself up and dress your kid up.

Dress up just as if it’s a birthday party at home and organize games which can be played in the house. You can also have a dress up marathon on who changes most outfits in 10 minutes or a fashion show.

This is a fun way to keep them occupied for their day. 😎

5. DIY Craft Project

Craft is such an underrated activity for kids post the advent of technology. It is something which keeps children engrossed for hours together. You, as a parent also learn something new in the process.

There are a lot of DIY easy-peasy craft ideas which you can try out with your kid. These ideas by Barbara Rucci are great and worth checking out.

You can also show them something you made as a child to help them re-connect with this beautiful hobby. 

6. Have A Backyard Pool Party

If it’s currently hot where you live, then a backyard pool party would be the perfect way to begin your child’s birthday.

Spending time under the sun might not be fun for adults, but kids totally look forward to it. And interestingly, drenching in the pool with your kids will make you love it too.

Just fill up your pool with water, wear shades, sip on a smoothie and finally attached some balloons on it. It’s time to make that birthday splash in style. 

7. Arrange A Happy Birthday Movie

This idea near fails because we as adults still do it and it does leave us teary eyed. Gather your child’s best friends, your friends, your relatives and important people in your life and ask them to send a virtual message for your kid’s birthday.

It can also be a photo memory with a caption and a nice sound track playing in the background. Being loved is a feeling every kid craves for and this serves the purpose right away. ❤

8. A Movie Marathon

Who doesn’t love movie marathons? Especially when it’s a Disney or Marvel movie marathon?

Draw those drapes, get extra cushions, a comfy blanket, AC on your desired temperature, need we say more? You can light up the room with fairy lights. If your child has a super hero suit, he/she can wear that too.

Finally, grab some popcorn, favorite snacks and get the movies rolling.

9. Cook With Your Child

Cooking is an important skill that every person needs to have. And introducing it to kids at a young age is going to do wonders for their future.

Sharing tasks also helps strengthen the bond between the parent and the child. You can bake their favorite cookies, make pizza or any special dish they wish to have. This would indeed be a worthy meal on a birthday. 

10. Treasure Hunt

Last but not the least, the most exciting thing you can do is organize a treasure hunt right inside your house.

Leave a cue card right on their bed in a way that it is the first thing your child sees when he/she wakes up in the morning. Direct those cards to pursue them to do their daily tasks eventually leading them to a treasure which can be their birthday gift/birthday surprise. You can also have a theme based treasure hunt collectively. The sky is the limit here.

11. Go On A Gaming Spree

This is the best time to get that console out and not play just one but a handful of games. You can have a fun arrangement where the one who wins the current game can get the option to choose the next one. 

You and your kids can also revive the good old days by playing non-screen games like Bingo, Pictionary, Name- Place- Animal-Thing and other classics.

Or maybe build a tiny tree house with Legos or a real tent and decorate it with fairy lights. The sky is the limit here. You can get quirky and creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little as kids love to play and that’s where you’re heading. 

12. Backyard Camping

Expanding a bit from the above point, you can set up a tent on the backyard by the evening till night and enjoy an adventurous time with your kids.

To spice things up a little, you can ignite a mini borne fire, watch movies under the stars or just play some good music and relax. Alternatively, a story telling session would be great too. The stage is set and is open to creative ideas.

Your Turn

Hope these ideas will help you celebrate your kid’s birthday at home with a lot more fun. You can also get creative and try out something new. If it’s not from this list, we would love to hear it from you in the comments. 🙂

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