10 Best Pretend Play Set Toys For Kids And Toddlers

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Pretend lay Sets are fun! They are the first set of toys which gives rise to curiosity among kids and once they lay their hands on them, there’s no looking back.

Because, that’s when they declare ‘I’m going to be a doctor/cook/teacher’ etc. It also does a fair job of keeping your kids occupied and entertained throughout the day. You can also use it smartly to teach them about different professions or to teach them how to go about their daily chores and routines as well.

It adds up as a great team game when your kids have their friends over for the play-time. 

Here are 10 pretend play set toys for kids and toddlers which are easily available on Amazon, along with their buying links.

1. D-Fantix Kitchen Accessories

Cooking is a basic skill which every one must possess and it catches the curiosity of toddlers and young kids as well. How many times have you caught your child observing you keenly while you are cooking in the kitchen? Well, it’s time they explore the world of culinary art on their own with the help of this kitchen accessories set.

It comes with an apron and a chef’s hat which will make your child feel like a head chef in their own kitchen. 

The toys are made up with stainless steel material with hand polish handles, wooden spoon and durable plastic which is children proof and ensures no harm to children. You can start teaching them basic skills with the help of colorful veggies which comes along with the set. Don’t worry about the mess as you can store all the items in the clear storage box.

2. Cute Stone Toy Medical Kit For Kids

Ah, this one is for all the budding doctors and nurses out there! How much do the children love to wear the doctor coats and pretend to be a doctor giving injections to the elderly? The joy is boundless which we had experienced as a child and this kit will do the same magic for your child too. 

This set also comes along with dental tools which your child can use along with a notepad and other instruments used in a doctor’s clinic. This kit can also help you ward off their fear of visiting the doctor for routine check-ups.

The fun part is that it comes with an electronic stethoscope which can make the heartbeat sound.

3. Melisssa Dug, Mop And Sweep Set

This gift will bring a smile on a mother’s face more than the child. We’ve grown up listening to the moral value of ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and starting this at a young age is what is required. Most of them would admit that cleaning is a boring chore but not anymore for kids thanks to this bright and colorful set. 

You can inspire your kids to clean the room with the help of this set once they are done playing with their toys or friends. They can also participate in the daily cleaning chore with the help of these tools. They can be organized well all thanks to the stand which comes along with the kit.

4. Serving Food-Truck

Food trucks are kids’ favorite snack/meal corners when you usually take them outside to the park or to the movies. This kit gives your kids a chance to own his/her very own food truck and serve unlimited food to the members of the house. 

It also comes with a magical card reader which can read the numbers, shouts the numbers of the orders and a music player which plays some good songs while your meal is getting ready. It comes in 3 Smart learning phases with different learning levels, phrases, 125 + songs and much more.

5. Fix It Tools

Bob the Builder! Yeah, this would be the best resemblance for the kit which you can buy for your kids. Bob always has solutions to all the problems along with his magical tool kit and helps everyone around the town. 

The special drill machine makes the drilling sound to make it look realistic. The toys are made from soft durable plastic which makes it kid friendly. It also comes with a tool kit box where all the tools can be placed at once. Buy it now!

6. Little Chef Barbeque Kit

Children love barbeque and this set will be like gifting them a whole set of happiness altogether. They can use this set when their friends are over or to keep them occupied when you are out in the backyard and demonstrating some real barbeque skills. This set can be used indoors or outdoors in fresh air. 

It comes with a battery operated charcoal which will give them real-time light and sound effects which the kids can enjoy while preparing their own barbeque. It comes with sausages, steaks, spices, charcoal sheet, lighter , plates, cups, knives and everything one requires to make a barbeque.

7. Flower Garden Building Kit

This flower garden building kit can be the perfect gift for the girl in the group and for children who loves flowers. While gardening can be a bit tedious for toddlers, here is a kit which will teach them gardening and they learn the structure of the flower and you can further teach them their functions.

They come in colorful different pieces which makes it fun for the kids are they are fond of bright items. It is also made up of recycled plastic which is super easy to assemble and dissemble. This can be played in group or in solo as well. It comes with an attractive plastic box which will help you save the contents of the set safely.

8. Make Up Kit For Girls

How often do we find our kids snooping around our makeup kit and end up with make-up all over them? Well, make up is lovely but it can be harmful for toddlers and small children for a plethora of reasons. Here, we have found a perfect solution; get your girl her very own make up kit.

This kit comes in a super cute make up pouch. You would be glad to know that the makeup is washable and completely safe for kids use. It contains lipsticks, eye shadow, glitter lip glosses, brushes, Nail paint, blush and an applicator. It is also paraben-free so you wouldn’t have to think twice before purchasing this adorable product.

9. Fire Fighter Set

One of the most known real life super heroes around us are the firemen. One cannot help but stare in awe looking at them work. This being said, a lot of kids might be excited just with the idea of spending a day in their shoes. This set will allow them to do just that.

It comes with a proper fireman/firewoman vest which your child can wear while playing. It also contains the basic tools like an axe, the fire hose, fire-extinguisher, a crowbar and a radio. You can spice things up by giving them situations thus encouraging them to exercise their mental abilities.

10. Construction Tool Kit

This set is for all the curious kids who are enthusiastic about how construction works. It comes with an attractive bag which can be used to flaunt this precious set, helping your kids feel like a proud person who knows how to handle the tools well. 

It contains nails, hammers, a tool belt, a drill machine, goggles etc. It is made up from high quality plastic and is non-toxic, making it child safe. It is a unisex set which can be enjoyed by girls and boys alike.

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