10 Best And Easiest Drawing Classes For Kids On Skillshare

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Drawing and painting are two of the easiest and most creative ways to keep children occupied regardless of age. Not only does it keep them busy, it also helps build their confidence and imagination.

While offline art classes – after school workshops or summer camps- are still well-attended and enjoyed, the advent of platforms like Skillshare has made learning arts accessible and affordable.

Below are the top 10 drawing classes on Skillshare aimed at kids.

1. Drawing for Kids and Beginners: Learn How To Draw 24 Cute Cartoons Step-by-Step

With over 1500 students, this one-hour 26-minute class is the perfect drawing course for young beginners. Designed with beginners in mind, this The Beginning Drawing for Kids course is perfect for ages 5-10 years old.

The teaching process used is a kid-tested, step-by-step method that will both inspire and delight your child into drawing action! The process involves organizing shapes and lines together until a recognizable outcome is achieved.

Watch your child learn all the artistic tools they need for self-expression, reflection, and creative thinking.

2. Watercolor Painting for Beginners and Kids: Drawing and Painting a Peacock

The Perky Peacock Watercolor Painting Project is perfect for a child looking to learn the basics of watercolor. Perfect for children aged 6-10, this project consists of two simple steps:

  1. Draw a peacock
  2. Paint a peacock

The drawing portion is a kid-tested, step-by-step method which involved organizing shapes and lines together for a recognizable outcome.

For the painting portion, the students will learn basic watercolor techniques and apply these techniques to complete their project. Supplies and materials needed include: Watercolor Paint , Watercolor Paper , Paint Brush , Permanent Marker , Bowl of Water , Paper Towels etc.

3. Art for Kids: Drawing and Painting 6 Animal Portraits with Acrylic Paint

If you’re looking for a quality art project that incorporates acrylic paints, The Painting Animal Art Portraits course is your perfect match. Suitable for children between ages 6-10 years old, this course equips your child with the basics of the acrylic medium, allowing them to create their own masterpieces long after the class guides them through a total of 6 fun and unique acrylic art painting projects.

The two steps involved in this project are:

  1. Design, Draw, and Outline Animal Portrait onto Paper
  2. Paint Animal Portrait

Aside from improving creativity, this particular project also improves your child’s observation skills and ability to follow detailed instructions. Supplies include: Heavy Paper (Acrylic Paper Works Great), Acrylic Paints (Various Paints), Paint Brushes (Small, Medium, and Large), Pencil with Eraser, paper towels etc.

The Art For Kids course comes with several classes, each teaching students how to draw a particular animal or flower  -such as elephants, roosters, owls, cats, puppies, foxes, lizards, and much more- as well as exploring new art techniques.

4. Drawing For Kids: How to Draw Cute Cartoon Pets

Drawing Cute Cartoon Pets lessons are the perfect beginners drawing class for your little artists. Designed for perfect for ages 5+, this course allows a child to discover simple drawing techniques that they may apply to create unique masterpieces of their own.

The classes are designed with the aim of giving young children the tools needed to learn self-expression, creativity and reflective thinking through art.

5. Art For Kids: Drawing and Painting Wildflowers with Watercolor Paints

The Wildflower Garden Watercolor Art Project  is a 14-minute class consisting of three lessons. Designed for art-loving children aged 6+, this course consists of 1) Painting Wet-in-Wet with Watercolor Paints 2) Drawing Flowers onto Painted Background.

Teaching children the wet-in-wet painting technique alongside the art of drawing floral designs, your child will have a very colorful piece of work at the end of this project. Supplies and materials needed: Watercolor Paints, Watercolor Paper, Watercolor Paint Brush, Black Permanent Marker , paper towels, bowl of water etc.

6. Art Project for Kids: Drawing an Ugly Bunny With Oil Pastels

Learn how to make masterpieces with oil pastels on this Ugly Bunny oil pastel project, perfect for children ages 6-10 years old. Fun and easy, yet slightly more advanced, the students  learn basic oil pastel techniques and apply these techniques to complete their project.

This is a 15-minute course with three lessons and five projects. For this class, you’ll need: Oil Pastels ,1 brown paper grocery bag or brown craft paper (1 large piece), Pencil with an eraser , Scissors , paper towels, paper mat to protect work area etc.

7. Cartoon Drawing for Kids: Learn How to Draw 9 Garden Bugs

Perfect for ages 5+, the This Drawing Cute Garden Bugs course is a 39-minute course with 12 lessons. In fun this class, children can learn the basics of cartoon drawing by learning how to draw a butterfly, ladybug on a leaf, mosquito, bookworm, rosebud and a fly, then further applying their newly acquired cartoonist skills to make their own cute creations.

The Cartoon drawing lessons also have several options for your child to choose from include drawing forest animals, aquatic animals, safari animals etc.

8. Art For Beginners and Kids: Drawing and Painting a Sunset Silhouette with Acrylic or Tempera Paints

This unique project is suitable not only for children aged 8+  but older first-time painters as well. A 20-minute lesson consisting of three steps ; 1) Paint the Sunset background, 2) Paint the Horizon Line and the Hills and 3) Paint the Palm Silhouette.

On this course, students will learn basic tempera and acrylic painting techniques and apply these techniques to complete this project. Materials required are ; Heavy Paper (Acrylic Paper Works Great!),Tempera or Acrylic Paints (Black Plus Colors of Your Choice), Paint Brushes (Small and Medium) , Pencil With Eraser (optional), mat or newspaper to cover work area, paper towel, paper plate etc.

9. Building Kids Confidence Through Drawing: 12 Art Projects for Children and Beginners

With over 1800 students and 14 lessons, the Kid’s Drawing Course is perfect for children between 8-13 years old. Guiding young artists to build not only their skills but their confidence as well. This course is a great example of how art is more much than a simple hobby. The drawing lessons include learning to draw houses by the sea, desert mansion ,queen cat , bird in a cage and much more fun stuff!

There is also another alternative available within this confidence building course which focuses on doodling for young children with 25 step-by-step drawings.

10. Drawing 101 For Kids

This two-part course which teaches young children the basics of drawing. In the first part, the lessons start off with drawing lines and some objects using lines. Kids will be learning to draw horizontal, vertical, and slanting lines and by the end of the course, they will be given a project to apply the concepts they’ve learnt to draw real-life objects.

In the second part of the Drawing 101 course, the focus will be on drawing different types of shapes and real-life objects using those shapes. The lessons cover everything from simple basics to drawing complex drawings, with a final assignment that allows kids to put everything they’ve learnt in both parts of the course into practice.

Your Turn

So what are you waiting for? Pick up some paints and a brush and get artsy. Check out these drawing classes on Skillshare and get pulled into all the amazing options on offer whether for a passionate young artist or a child looking to pick a new hobby. 

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