15 Best Dance Songs For Kids Of All Ages

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Do you remember where have you kept your kid’s favorite dancing outfit? Please go find it right now…and listen, get one for you too! Because, this post is all about the list of songs you can dance along with your kids. ❤

Yeah yeah, we know you have a lot of work to do, but sitting around is not the solution to stay sane while stuck at home.

Music is a stress buster and an instant way to lift up your mood in mundane times. Some incredible parents we know also have weekly dance nights with their kids. Besides, it is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your little ones.

So, here are some of the best songs kids can dance to and so can you.

1. Happy – Pharrell Williams

This is one of the best mood lifter ever! Didn’t we all nearly danced on our seats when this track was played in Despicable Me 2? The lyrics are happy just like the song and the music is foot tapping. Because I’m happy…!

2. Gangnam Style – Psy

Music is a universal language, so you don’t need to know the lyrics of a song in order to dance to it.

The rhythm of the song is so catchy, simple and repetitive that you will find yourself dancing to it in less than a minute. FYI, this song is about the Gangnam district describing how its people are trendy and have a certain class in them.

Also, the dancing steps of this song are simple and fun.

3. Can’t Stop The Feeling- Justin Timberlake

Every inch of this song will make you feel good. This is one of the best Justin Timberlake songs and we couldn’t agree more. It was the best selling songs of 2016 in the US.

The lyrics are also meaningful and the song was awarded the Best Original Song Prize at 89th Annual Ceremony. 

4. Firework

This song by Katy Perry was recorded for her third album Teenage Dream which was released in the year 2010. We also saw this song in the movie Madagascar 3.

It is a very powerful and a motivating sound track which can be looked up for inspiration along with some dancing moves which you will steal from Madagascar. 

5. Macarena – Los Del Rio

This is not a song, it is a Tradition! A timeless track which deserves to be passed down to our children without a doubt in mind, don’t you agree?

This track is soothing and it makes you happy internally which is a tough task to achieve for any song. And, who wouldn’t love to do the Macarena? 

6. Girls Like You – Maroon 5 And Cardi B 

Isn’t this song gullible? We feel like dancing just by listening to its tune. This track was a big hit right after its release and is a positive song to be on your dance playlist. After all, it’s Maroon guys! 

7. Gotta be Me – Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

This is one of the very few songs which will teach you important life lessons in a subtle way. Along with rhythm, it has got an important message for all the children out there – to realize and be proud of one’s own individuality.

It teaches you the importance of self love and being yourself in between of this rat race the world is after. 

8. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Coldplay! Need we say more? This was the Coldplay anthem upon its release and we still love the beauty it has given to base pop music.

Almost all of Coldplay songs are known for their lyrics and this song is no different. The song has a colorful video with vivid graphics which your children will definitely like. 

9. Barbie Girl – Aqua Girl 

If we are making a list of all the songs your kids will love, why not include their favorite Barbie Girl to the clan?

It is a song about Barbie and Ken, the most popular dolls in the world made by Mattel. It was released by the Danish band Aqua and still remains the most popular work of the band till date.

Also, this is one of the cutest songs made in its time. 

10. Love Me For Who I Am – Brady Rymer 

This is one of the most children friendly rock and roll songs you’ll find on the internet. It is a light hearted song which you can dance to with lovely lyrics. It starts with the lines ‘Please don’t try to fix me, love me for who I am’ and we couldn’t ask for anything more. 

11. Party In The U.S.A – Miley Cyrus

This was a party anthem especially for the 90s kids when it was released. Back then Miley Cyrus was already a sensation because of her popular Disney show ‘Hannah Montana’ which featured her as a pop singer.

It was one of the fresh and raw songs which stole the hearts of teenagers. 

12. Thriller – Michael Jackson

No list is complete without naming this legend. This hit is also one of the most played song at the dance parties you attend. It is cool in its own creepy Michael Jackson way.

It was specially inspired and written for Halloween and thus flaunts creepy and jaw dropping dance moves which even the ghosts would dance to, we imagine.

13. Wake Me Up – Avicii

The famous Swedish singer Avicii is known for his thought provoking songs which will leave you keep on thinking about them for hours.

This song in particular has the beats you can shake to and also houses captivating lyrics which your kids would end up listening on loop. You’ll only wish that they let those lyrics sink in them yet groove in style. 

14. I Don’t Care – Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

This is every introvert’s anthem! On a lighter note, this song has a calming effect and it hits you as if it is speaking on behalf of you. Plus, it makes a great song to shake a leg or two.

15. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Who doesn’t love this song? Even most of the kids learnt the lyrics of the song just after listening to it thrice.

There is something magical about this song which we cannot deny. Besides, it is the perfect song to practice Waltz or any other ballroom dance.


So, those were some of the songs we thought would be awesome on your kids dance playlist. Hope you and your kids like them and have fun listening to them. Turn on those disco lights, raise the volume and get grooving to the moves!

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