15 Exciting Backyard Activities For Kids

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Backyard is the happy place of a family. It is your very own field of creativity. And when summers arrive, all you want to do is stay in the backyard as much as possible.

In this era of technology, it is tough to keep your kids away from the screens, but we as parents know the importance of outdoor activates. Besides, it is a bonus time spent together as a family. 

Kids would be interested in outdoor activities if it’s fun and unique and keep them engaged for a long time. Well, introducing outdoor fun isn’t a jargon.

We are here to help you with some easy ideas which do not require much of efforts to execute and are still fun.

Here are 15 exciting backyard activities which you and your kids would love to do.

1. Set Up A Camp

Camping is one fun activity which is enjoyed by the young and old alike. One smart way to utilize your backyard is to set up a camp for the kids in which they can spend time playing or maybe a night.

You won’t have to worry about wild animals or insects or privacy as this is your very own private backyard. All you need is a bed sheet, two wooden logs, fairy lights, lots of cushions and a warm blanket. The easiest style is the Canvas Teepee. 

P.S – Don’t forget your kids’ favorite snacks.

2. Twister With A Twist – A Bubble Warp

Twister is a legendary fun filled game which is mostly played indoors. But, who says you can’t get it outdoors? All you need to do is take the mat out in the backyard and play it in the company of nature.

A unique add-on would be to cover the twister mat with a bubble wrap to take the game to the next level. Shout out to Tiffany for this wonderful idea.

3. Obstacle Race

Obstacle races are that part of the physical activities done in school that all of us enjoyed as kids. It’s time to introduce this concept to your kids.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have professional props for the race. You can make easy obstacles by using old tins, wooden planks, empty boxes, chairs, hula loops, bricks and any other creative element you can find in your house.

You can change the pattern or orientation of the path frequently and increase the difficulty level. Besides, this is a creative idea to make sure your child stays fit.

4. Paint Your Backyard

Revamping your backyard from time-to-time is a nice way to maintain the vibes of the backyard. But, why do it alone when you can teach and take help from your kids as well?

You can get some vibrant colors (as kids love them) and paint the backyard in the scheme of your mutual choice. You can also choose to add some interesting elements like a pathway of colored stones, hang some plants in tins on your fence or fairy lights on your backyard tree. For creativity, Sky is the Limit!

5. Pool Party

Oh, pool parties never cease to amuse anyone. And, is anything else better than a dip in the pool on a hot sunny afternoon? You can also grill some barbecue on the side and serve some chilled drinks with some loud pop music to make the party environment.

Another thing which you can do is take the ball, water noodle and bathing toys to make the pool interesting. Don’t forgot to grab some sunscreen as well eh!

6. Teach Them How To Clean The Lawn

Backyard is also a part of your house and it will stay beautiful as long as you keep it clean and tidy. It is important to start making your kids realize this too. After all, the grass is greener where you nurture it.

Pick up a Sunday and work on cleaning your backyard. You can allot the easy tasks like dusting the planters/ structures you have in your backyard while you can work on the lawn.

This would be a productive time spent together as a family.

7. Hopscotch

Remember the fun hopping game which we have been playing since generations together? The game is simple but fun to play. If you don’t have place to chalk out the circles and the numbers, you can place color patches on the grass or colorful tiles to mark the numbers.

Now, all you need is a good flat pebble or a stone to start hopping. Also, you are never too old to play it with your kid again, you deserve some fun too!

8. Treasure Hunt

The best of the activities which the kids love is the Treasure Hunt game. Get those pirate and super hero costumes out as your child will need it to play the League.

Sketch a colorful map to mark the places where you have hidden the treasure. Here, you can start indoors and end the game in the backyard. You can also raise the difficulty of the game by placing riddles to reach the next clue.

9. Paintball Fight

Ah, the classic old game which one is never bored of. And this game does not have an age criteria. Wear your suits and get the paintball guns and divide the family into teams.

If you want a more fun setup, you can make walls out of boxes, tins or chairs. You can also play a nice suspense/military track in the background to get the feel of a real fight.

If you cannot arrange paintball gun, you can use water balloons as an alternative.

10. Bowling Sessions

There can be times when you cannot go to the mall for the bowling game which you had planned. But why worry when you can have a bowling session in the comfort of your chirpy backyard?

This can be done by placing tins or old plastic bottles as pins. You can keep a wooden ramp and then throw the ball at the pins. You can also have a day for it like ‘Bowling Tuesday’ if you like.

11. Sack Race

This is one of the best and hilarious races which we have witnessed in schools. How about rejoicing the moment again?

All you need are some sacks which can be used from the potato sacks or some bed sheets made into sacks or sleeping bags works fine as well.

Draw the start and the Finish line and blow the whistle to start the race. Besides, even parents can participate in this. Get, Set, Go!

12. Muggle Quiditch

How fascinated were we when we saw this sport in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter? We bet all of us wanted to try this sport at least once in a lifetime.

Guess what, it did turn into a real sport. Don’t worry, it can be played without broomsticks as well. All you need is some buntings and balloons to decorate the lawn, hula loops and wood/pvc pipes to use as stand, a golden ball for the Main Quiditch and a ball that will go through the hula loops.

All vamped up in easy steps. Get the game started!

13. Movie Under the Stars

This can be organized on a pleasant evening and when you want to watch your favorite movie in a special way. You can use a white bed sheet as a screen. Alternatively, you can also get a screen or use some pipes or wooden logs to make your own screen, a projector, cushions, chairs and the movie you wish to watch.

The best time to execute this would be evenings. To have some ambiance, you can also decorate the lawn using fairy lights or hang some yellow bulbs by the tree or the porch.

14. Protected Sand Pitch

You cannot be at the beach every time maybe because you stay far or due to work commitments. But, what if you get a special sand pitch for your kid at home?

A home version of the sand is a smart alternative for when you miss the beachy days and still crave to feel your feet in the sand. You will need a shade to cover the pitch, some wooden planks or logs to border it (if placed properly they can be used for seating as well) and lots of sand.

You can also add some starfish toys to give it a beachy feel.

15. Build A Tree house

Last but not least, this is something that every kid has wished for – a tree house in your backyard.

It would be one of the best places to chill and make beautiful memories together with your child. If you have a tree which is sturdy enough and can take on the weight, get the wooden planks, nails, hammer and saw and please start building it right away.

You can use a ladder, a rope as a means to climb up to the tree house. If you want, you can also attach a swing to the same tree to make your house more interesting.

Your Turn

The idea of having fun outdoors should not stop after the advent of the usage of screen for playing games. For parents who don’t have a backyard, you can try most of these ideas indoors as well with a bit of planning.

Do let us know which ones you plan to try and if you have any engaging ideas as well.

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