Firstly, Congratulations for being an awesome parent. ❤

Raising children is truly a humongous task. From finding their socks, feeding them, schooling till mentoring, man, that’s a lot.

Even after all that, one thing that every parent keeps wondering on a constant basis is “How do I keep my child occupied?”

Sounds familiar?

A child’s creativity is at its peak during the primitive years of his/her life, but It is tedious to keep coming with ideas to keep them occupied. Thankfully, we at Giggles And Miracles strive to build a place where a child can learn along with their parent and unleash their creativity. 

We believe in simple, quirky and creative ways to keep your kids engaged. It’ll not only help them exercise the artist within them, but also ensure a great child-parent bond.

This would be your be one-stop place to find easy-peasy DIY tutorials which you can carry out with your children, some parenting hacks which you can use to make your life easier, huge collection of different kids activities and so much more.

If you feel you desperately need more giggles and a lot more miracles in life, you need to stick around with us. 😀